mHealth Global Applications (mHGA) is a company dedicated to creating an ecosystem that places both Doctors AND their Patients at the center of “mHealth”. Our system aims to modify Patient behavior and adherence by providing a platform of mHealth Applications and Games for Doctor's to “prescribe” to their patients. Patients who use the apps as “prescribed” and/or play the game earn virtual points and are thereby rewarded with the issuance of "Real" rewards in the form of a Retail Gift Card. The system employs SMS technology allowing mHGA to provide (inexpensive) real time communication, notification, and tracking for adherence to the prescribed medical instruction. Patients’ personal data is "Avatar" protected and only the Doctor, Parent, or School Med Tech can decipher identity. Our system is cloud-based to allow data storage and analytics to be held safely off-device and remain network/carrier/hardware/OS “agnostic”. By allowing the Doctor Prescribed mHealth Apps, we reinforce both the relationship and efficiency between the doctor-patient (and parent/guardian). The system also addresses dialect barriers as it will be available in both English and Spanish.